The Love in Single Parenting 

Single Parent

Being a single parent is not always easy but the love for our children keeps us going. Many times we find it hard but the little things like hugs and kisses give us the strength we need to continue.

Often we find ourselves worrying if what we are doing is right. We think to ourselves if we give our children enough. Ask questions like: Will our children appreciate what we do for them? Do we do as good as other parents? We try to do what we think is right but are not sure and hope that they will appreciate us in the future.

Even successful parents, single or not, sometimes feel like they fail at parenting. This is normal. There is no need for any parent to feel like a failure! Most of us try our best and that is enough. If you find yourself feeling down, maybe you need to talk to someone. Try to find a friend or family member and confide in them. In the end, you may get positive feedback and your feeling of failure will go away and you will overcome your worries.

Co-Parenting, when separated parents split the time and responsibly of raising the child/children, is often a big part of single parenting. Often, it’s not easy to co-parent if the parents haven’t managed to solve their previous issues. This can have a negative affect on the children. If this is your situation, know that it is better for children to see their parents get along and it can give them a sense of security.

Separated parents who are civil to one another, especially in front of children, can most likely help the child/children feel more confident and feel better about their family situation.

It is easier for both, the adults and children, when the parents coparent, leaving any negative issues behind. Working towards a positive and loving relationship, even if it is all for the children, is a good approach for parents to have. Children should feel loved by both parents without feeling any guilt that a child may and often times do feel after a seperation.

Also, worrying about what others say will not do you any good. Be confident in your parenting and enjoy it as much as possible. All children deserve the love of their parents and even if sometimes you feel like the world is watching and judging you, keep your head up high and continue doing your best!

Whatever you do, know that you are doing great and you are not alone!

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Written by June Kamanda

About the Writer:

June is single mother of two girls who loves writing and stays positive. She is always hopeful in life and plans to stay this way.
Her email address is if you’d like to contact her.

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