Have you met the M.O.B. Man?

Have you met the MOB Man?


Itachi Hickage is the founder of MOB, Mom Owned Business. Him and his beautiful wife spend every day helping moms promote and figure out how to better their businesses. Is that a loving person or what? The MOB FB Group brings mom’s from all over the world together to support and help each other and even holds live events for networking and connecting for people all over. If you are a mom owned business or want to be one you should definitely check out this group! I’m in it and I have to say it sure is a fun and interesting group!

So thank you Itachi, our MOB Man, for spending so much of your precious time helping us all.

You truly are a Loving Person.

Natural Originals Crew

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Kim Hill
September 21, 2022

This family has bless me in so many ways, the groups allows my businesses to be able to grow and connect with individuals like myself all over the world and iam truly greatful!!!!

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