Meet Silvija, a Loving Sister, Mother, and Wife!

Loving Sister

Silvija’s younger sister Karolina wanted to show appreciation to her sister for what a good role model she is and for how wonderful she has been to her throughout her life

Silvija,  a wife and Mother of 2 small children always finds time to be there for anyone who needs her.

She makes sure to keep the door to her house always open for all the people she loves and who need a place to stay, eat, sleep, or just talk.

She always answers her phone and messages and is known to be someone that people can lean on and trust.

She always makes sure her kids, husband, and house are taken care of before worrying about herself.

Many people work so hard in their lives to make it easy for others, like Silvija does, and don’t get nearly enough credit and praise for it.

It’s beautiful that Carolina took the time out to show her sister how much she is loved and appreciated.

Good job Silvia! You are loved by many.

Have a beautiful day.

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