Meet Lee Jacobs- Our Healing Coach!

Emotional Healing

Everyone that knows our Natural Originals Brand Crew knows that we are big on Love and Healing. We take pride in loving ourselves and others to reach max mental potential by using numerous healing methods.

Today we decided to feature Natural Originals Healing Coach, Lee Jacobs, to show our appreciation for this wonderful healing coach and being that helps us to get our mindsets in the perfect place to continue on our beautiful Life Path filled with Love and Healing!

Let’s here what Lee has to say!

Lee Jacobs Healing Coach


Here are some words by our Loving Person for today, Lee Jacobs:

“Hey perfect and awesome strangers!

Do you ever wonder:

How do I Start Healing Myself?

Don’t worry, it’s my speciality to help all beings on this planet.

I truly believe that everyone should be rid of and not be carrying the burden of any emotional and/or physical trauma, money blocks, limiting self beliefs, sabotaging our journey when in a relationship, doubts about trying to get a successful new business going, Depression and Anxiety, Identity challenges, and more.

I know how quickly and easily these can all be cleared and I truly believe all people owe it to themselves to invest in the proper methods for self improvement.

Self love

So a little bit about me:

I specialise in helping people get on the path to being pain free, reducing overwhelm, well being, releasing money blocks, goal setting, emotional and physical trauma, and improving efficiency in physical and emotional healing.

Healing your past and Aligning with the new future that you want is a necessity and key factor in life success.

My Core root techniques lie in emotional and physical clearing using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) · Emotional Freedom · Breathwork · Energy Healing · Self-healing· Energy Work · Subconscious Reprogramming · Chakra Balancing · Meridian Therapy · Emotion Freedom Tapping · Emotion Code · Eye Movement Therapy ·Sounds Therapy– Colours Numbers Therapy · Superconscious Work · Timeline Therapy · Anatomy Alignment Therapy · Behavioural Change · Neuropsychology · Life Coaching

Everyone deserves to be the best version of themselves! ”

Breath work

We are proud to feature Lee in our Loving Person Blog because he truly is a Loving Person and we know he can help many on his journey, the way he helps us! 

Thank you for reading.

Sound healing

You can visit our Love and Healing Shop herehere and contact Lee here.


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