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Let us talk about Letha from Letha’s Real Talk! 

Motivational Speaker

Letha is a woman who takes pride in helping people. She motivates and uses her kind heart to do whatever she can to help escalate the success of others, especially women. She never expects anything back; she just knows that helping others, in turn, helps herself and all people living on this earth together.

Besides being a motivational poster and speaker sharing photos, quotes, and videos on her FB and IG page, she is a blogger who loves to feature people and small businesses on her Tumblr and Twitter pages. She gets joy out of knowing she may have helped a fellow earth member with their dream.

She is also a hairstylist. Even with the busy schedule, she stays on track to keep herself and others looking and feeling good and working towards her biggest goal, helping others.

It’s hard to find people like this in the world these days. People who really see and understand that we are all in this life together and are better off helping each other.

Thank you, Letha! You are loved and appreciated by many.

And thanks for reading our story about this inspirational being!

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August 16, 2022

Thank you all so much. This has filled my heart with so much joy and I am beyond honored ❤️

September 11, 2022

Thanks for your blog, nice to read. Do not stop.

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